We always work in name of our clients.

Depending on the project we start of with a recruitment strategy.


For some projects we will work with a fee up front and a percentage of the gross yearly salary after successfully fulfilling the project. One of our searchers will be working from our own office to successfully fulfill the position.

With multiple positions or assignments, we can provide a recruiter on site to work on fulfilling the positions. If there is a continuing stream of vacancies, we also offer an RPO model (flexible shell) in which we will be fulfilling the position of recruiter on a permanent base.

In the case of a sudden shift in capacity need, we are always able to quickly adapt.


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Robert Balk
Alex Damen

SearchDesk is the specialist in recruitment solutions for ICT-positions. We were asked again and again if we could temporarily or permanently support our clients in all things recruitment, for instance by providing an interim recruiter or searcher. Since 2013 we have started offering this type of service under a different label and SearchDesk was born.

We are currently supporting around 20 clients with their ICT recruitment. We provide an experienced recruiter on site, as well as having one of our direct searchers fulfil positions working from our own office.

Curious? We are happy to show what SearchDesk can mean for your organisation, and how you can fulfil your ICT-position cheaper, but better. Within SearchDesk, we have over 25 years of experience in ICT recruitment.


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Email: info@searchdesk.nl
Phone:  +31 23 512 10 10

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SearchDesk supports organisations with its interim recruitment and RPO solutions. Most of our clients are organisations working on developing software, are active in e-commerce or manage their own ICT departments.

Quickly fulfilling vacancies, a transparent online tracking of the recruitment process, discernment in the candidate sources and fully screened candidates with insight in their own motivation and behaviour. Based on our years of experience, we believe that recruitment has entered a new phase in the digital era. We provide optimal findability, a concrete pipeline of candidates, and a vacancy based view on all sources.

SearchDesk works in name of its clients, and is therefore building your brand in the market. This will increase your brand value and increase the rate of success. We only present candidates on the basis of a good resumé, references, video presentation, DISC behaviour profile, and a specified motivation.

Clients include:


We believe in success by working together!

With recruitment outsourcing, we support our clients with the entire recruitment process.

One of our recruiters will be at the clients’ site, supported with all necessary digital means including knowledge of the market and his own searcher.

This is how SearchDesk forms a flexible shell around your IT organisation.